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Stunt Planes

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Stunt Planes is anonline, free games

Strap yourself in for the ultimate basketball challenge, where boundaries are defied and gravity is merely a suggestion. "Cosmic CrossHoops: Beyond the Rim" redefines the sport, propelling you into a mesmerizing dimension where hoops hang amidst celestial bodies, and boosters become your allies in soaring through the stars.

In this cosmic arena, you'll embark on an intergalactic journey, traversing vibrant galaxies and conquering countless levels. With each successful shot, you'll feel the exhilaration of leaving gravity behind, as you propel yourself through the air with the help of powerful boosters.

"Cosmic CrossHoops: Beyond the Rim" offers a truly immersive experience, captivating you with its stunning visuals and immersive soundscapes. The vibrant colors of the cosmic backdrop create a breathtaking setting, while the rhythmic beats of the soundtrack elevate the gameplay, making every shot feel like an electrifying moment.

Key Features:

- Transcendent Gameplay: Experience the fusion of basketball and cosmic exploration, where gravity-defying shots and booster-powered jumps redefine the game.

- Unlimited Levels: Journey through a universe of challenges, with new levels continuously emerging, ensuring a never-ending quest for hoops mastery.

- Cosmic Environments: Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing array of galactic landscapes, each with its unique celestial aesthetics and captivating ambiance.

- Precision Controls: Unleash your skills with intuitive and responsive controls, allowing for pinpoint accuracy and gravity-bending trick shots.

- Power-Ups and Boosters: Collect and utilize an arsenal of power-ups and boosters, propelling yourself through the cosmos and amplifying your scoring potential.

- Online Multiplayer: Challenge fellow cosmic hoopsters in exhilarating online multiplayer matches, showcasing your skills and soaring to the top of the leaderboards.

- Daily Rewards: Log in daily to reap the rewards of your dedication, unlocking exclusive cosmetics, boosters, and other galactic goodies.

- Customizable Avatars: Express your individuality by customizing your avatar with a variety of cosmic attire and accessories, becoming the talk of the celestial courts.

How to Play:

1. Step into the cosmic arena and witness the fusion of basketball and space exploration.

2. Master the art of precision shooting, aiming for the hoops suspended amidst celestial bodies.

3. Utilize the boosters strategically, propelling yourself through the air for gravity-defying shots.

4. Collect power-ups to enhance your abilities, unlocking new possibilities and amplifying your scoring prowess.

5. Embark on a journey through countless levels, unlocking new galaxies and conquering new challenges.

6. Challenge your friends or fellow cosmic hoopsters in online multiplayer matches, showcasing your skills and soaring to the top of the leaderboards.

7. Log in daily to claim your rewards, unlocking exclusive cosmetics, boosters, and other celestial treasures.

8. Customize your avatar with a variety of cosmic attire and accessories, becoming a legend in the celestial courts.


1. Cosmic Basketball

2. Space Hoops

3. Gravity-Defying Shots

4. Booster-Powered Jumps

5. Unlimited Levels

6. Galactic Environments

7. Precision Controls

8. Power-Ups and Boosters

9. Online Multiplayer

10. Daily Rewards

11. Customizable Avatars

12. Celestial Courts

13. Intergalactic Journey

14. Scoring Prowess

15. Gravity-Bending Trick Shots

16. Enchanting Soundscapes

17. Stunning Visuals

18. Captivating Ambiance

19. Electrifying Moments

20. Leaderboards

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Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

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