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Krunker is anonline, free games

Embark on a captivating adventure in the realm of, a pixelated 3D online multiplayer web game that transports you to a vibrant and action-packed world. Engage in exhilarating battles against players from around the globe, showcasing your strategic prowess and unwavering determination. With, you can experience the thrill of intense combat, seamlessly accessible on your PC, tablet, or mobile phone without the hassle of downloads.

Immerse yourself in the diverse landscapes, from vibrant cities to treacherous wastelands, each meticulously crafted to provide unique and immersive gameplay experiences. Choose from an array of captivating classes, including the Agent, Runner, Hunter, and more, each possessing distinct appearances and weapons, allowing you to tailor your playstyle to suit your strategic preferences. From assault rifles to snipers, shotguns to pistols, and even rocket launchers, the arsenal in is vast and versatile, catering to a wide range of combat scenarios.

Dominate the battlefield with your strategic prowess and quick reflexes, aiming for precision shots to eliminate your opponents. Keep track of your K/D ratio, wins, and scores, and flaunt your competitive spirit to the world. Challenge your friends on Poki to surpass your scores, igniting friendly rivalries and fueling your determination to become the ultimate champion.

Beyond the standard maps, offers a unique and dynamic community-created map feature. Unleash your creativity and design your own maps, crafting intricate landscapes and challenging obstacles that will test the skills of players worldwide. Share your creations with the community and witness your maps come to life as players from around the world engage in intense battles on your custom-designed terrain. is more than just a game; it's a thriving community of passionate gamers connected by their shared love for fast-paced, action-packed competition. Join guilds, forge alliances, and engage in thrilling clan wars, coordinating strategies and tactics to emerge victorious. Participate in regular events and tournaments, showcasing your skills and earning exclusive rewards, further solidifying your status as a legend.

Key Features:

- Immersive pixelated 3D graphics offering a captivating and nostalgic visual experience

- Extensive weapon selection, ranging from assault rifles to rocket launchers, catering to various combat styles

- Diverse classes with unique appearances and abilities, allowing players to customize their gameplay

- Thrilling online multiplayer battles against players from around the globe, ensuring endless competitive challenges

- Comprehensive statistics tracking, including K/D ratio, wins, and scores, enabling players to monitor their progress and compete with friends

- Vibrant and dynamic community-created maps, offering a wide variety of landscapes and challenges

- Guild system fostering collaboration and strategic alliances among players

- Regular events and tournaments providing opportunities for players to showcase their skills and earn exclusive rewards

Immerse yourself in the world of and experience the adrenaline rush of intense online multiplayer battles. Ascend to the ranks of the elite, showcasing your strategic brilliance and unwavering determination. Join the thriving community of passionate gamers and embark on an unforgettable journey into the realm of pixelated mayhem.

How to Play

1. Choose Your Class: Select from a variety of classes, each with unique appearances and weapons, to suit your preferred playstyle.

2. Master Your Weaponry: Familiarize yourself with the extensive arsenal of weapons, ranging from assault rifles to rocket launchers, to maximize your effectiveness in combat.

3. Navigate the Maps: Explore the diverse maps, both default and community-created, to master the intricacies of each terrain and utilize strategic positioning to your advantage.

4. Engage in Online Multiplayer Battles: Join intense online multiplayer battles against players from around the world, putting your skills and strategies to the test in fast-paced, action-packed encounters.

5. Track Your Progress: Monitor your K/D ratio, wins, and scores to assess your performance and strive for improvement, showcasing your competitive spirit to the world.

6. Collaborate and Compete: Join guilds, forge alliances, and engage in thrilling clan wars, coordinating strategies and tactics to emerge victorious against rival teams.

7. Participate in Events and Tournaments: Take part in regular events and tournaments to showcase your skills, earn exclusive rewards, and further solidify your status as a legend.



- Online Multiplayer Game

- Pixelated 3D Graphics

- Diverse Classes

- Extensive Weapon Selection

- Thrilling Online Multiplayer Battles

- Community-Created Maps

- Guild System

- Regular Events and Tournaments

- K/D Ratio Tracking

- Competitive Gameplay

- Action-Packed Combat

- Immersive Gameplay

- No Download Required

- Accessible on PC, Tablet, and Mobile

- Cross-Platform Play

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Krunker is made by Sidney de Vries, who has previously made other .io games


Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)