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Fish Story

132023-2024HTML5Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Fish Story is anonline, free games

Dive into the Enchanting Seas of Fish Story: An Immersive Match-3 Adventure Like No Other

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary underwater odyssey in Fish Story, the captivating match-3 game that weaves a mesmerizing tale of marine exploration, puzzle-solving ingenuity, and captivating challenges. Immerse yourself in a vibrant world painted with vibrant hues, where you'll encounter a fascinating cast of characters and navigate through a plethora of intricate levels, pushing your puzzle-solving prowess to its limits.

Key Features:

Unravel an Enchanting Narrative:

Embark on a captivating journey through the depths of the ocean, guided by the legendary Poseidon himself. With his sage wisdom and witty banter, he'll accompany you on your quest to conquer over 700 levels, each offering a unique and brain-tingling test of your skills.

Witness a Visual Masterpiece:

Feast your eyes on the breathtaking visuals that bring the underwater world of Fish Story to life. From the shimmering scales of exotic fish to the intricate details of coral reefs, every element is rendered with stunning clarity, creating an immersive experience that's both captivating and serene.

Conquer Challenging Match-3 Puzzles:

Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test as you navigate through a variety of match-3 challenges, each designed to push your strategic thinking and reflexes to the limit. With a wide range of obstacles, power-ups, and combinations, the gameplay offers an ever-evolving array of obstacles and opportunities.

Activate Powerful Boosters:

Enhance your progress through the game by utilizing an arsenal of potent boosters that can turn the tide in your favor. These game-changing power-ups range from mighty hammers that shatter obstacles to magical potions that grant extra moves, adding an exhilarating layer of strategy to your gameplay.

Participate in Daily Events and Challenges:

Dive into the excitement of daily missions and challenges that offer a fresh dose of puzzle-solving fun and bountiful rewards. Complete these daily quests to earn valuable coins and boosters, helping you progress through the game with greater ease and satisfaction.

Embark on Treasure Hunts:

Set sail for sunken pirate treasures in the Treasure Hunt events, where you'll embark on thrilling expeditions to uncover hidden riches. These events bring a sense of adventure and discovery to your gaming experience, keeping you engaged and eager to explore the depths of the ocean.

How to Play:


Dive In and Match:

Begin your underwater odyssey by matching three or more fish of the same color to create dazzling combinations. As you progress, the challenges will increase, requiring careful planning and strategic thinking to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles.


Activate Boosters Wisely:

Collect and utilize a variety of boosters throughout your journey to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and achieve victory. Whether it's a mighty hammer to shatter blocks or a magical potion to grant extra moves, these power-ups can turn the tide in your favor.


Complete Daily Missions:

Embark on daily missions that offer exciting challenges and generous rewards. These quests will test your puzzle-solving skills and grant you valuable coins and boosters to enhance your progress through the game.


Take on Daily Challenges:

Dive into the Daily Challenge, a thrilling test of your match-3 prowess. Earn extra stars by completing these challenges, which can be used to unlock treasure chests and gates to new levels, revealing even more puzzles to conquer.


Collect Daily Rewards:

Make sure to log in every day to receive your Daily Rewards, which include valuable coins, boosters, and other surprises to aid you in your aquatic adventure.


Match-3 game

* Underwater adventure

* Puzzle-solving challenges

* Captivating narrative

* Stunning visuals

* Daily missions and challenges

* Powerful boosters

* Treasure hunts

* Sunken pirate treasures

* Vibrant marine world

* Enchanting soundtrack

* Addictive gameplay

* Immersive experience

* Strategic thinking

* Reflexes

* Obstacles

* Power-ups

* Combinations

* Google Play

* App Store

Release Date





Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)


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