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Bubble Shooter Pro 2

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Bubble Shooter Pro 2 is anonline, free games

Bubble Shooter Pro 2: Embark on a Colorful Saga of Puzzle-Solving Delights

In the realm of casual gaming, where joy and challenge intertwine, Bubble Shooter Pro 2 emerges as a radiant star, illuminating the path towards puzzle-solving mastery. As the successor to the widely acclaimed Bubble Shooter Pro, this sequel propels the franchise to new heights, offering an immersive experience that captivates players across all ages and skill levels.

A Kaleidoscope of Captivating Features:

A World of Shimmering Bubbles:

Immerse yourself in a vibrant world teeming with colorful bubbles, each one pulsating with the promise of popping satisfaction. Witness an array of captivating bubble designs that dance across your screen, adding an extra layer of visual enchantment to the gameplay.

A Symphony of New Levels:

Challenge your puzzle-solving prowess with a multitude of meticulously crafted levels, each presenting a unique test of skill and strategy. Progress through an ever-evolving tapestry of vibrant stages, where every victory propels you closer to becoming a bubble-shooting legend.

A Cast of Enigmatic Boosters:

Unlock a trove of extraordinary boosters, each possessing its own unique ability to transform the battlefield in your favor. Unleash the power of the Rainbow Bubble to paint the screen with radiant hues, paving the way for explosive chain reactions. Harness the Lightning Bubble's electrifying energy to pierce through clusters of bubbles, creating pathways to success. Discover the magic of the Bomb Bubble, a potent force capable of obliterating vast swaths of bubbles with a single detonation.

Endless Hours of Mind-Bending Entertainment:

With Bubble Shooter Pro 2, boredom becomes a distant memory. The game's captivating gameplay loop ensures endless hours of addictive fun. Engage in marathon puzzle-solving sessions or enjoy quick bursts of bubble-popping bliss whenever the mood strikes. The choice is yours, and the satisfaction is infinite.

A Journey of Puzzle-Solving Mastery:

As you progress through the game's challenging levels, your puzzle-solving skills will undergo a remarkable transformation. Learn to analyze patterns, predict trajectories, and execute precision shots with finesse. Each level conquered brings you closer to mastering the art of bubble-shooting, empowering you to tackle even the most daunting challenges with confidence.

A Global Community of Puzzle Enthusiasts:

Join a vibrant community of bubble-shooting enthusiasts from across the globe. Compete against fellow players in thrilling tournaments, showcasing your skills and ascending the ranks to claim your place among the elite. Engage in friendly banter, share strategies, and forge new friendships as you navigate the colorful world of Bubble Shooter Pro 2 together.

How to Play Bubble Shooter Pro 2:


Take Aim:

Position the aiming cursor carefully, ensuring that the trajectory of your bubble aligns perfectly with the target cluster.


Fire Away:

With a simple tap, launch your bubble into the playing field, sending it on a collision course with its brethren.


Match Three or More:

Align three or more bubbles of the same color in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line to trigger an exhilarating chain reaction, clearing them from the board.


Master the Boosters:

Strategically deploy your arsenal of boosters to overcome challenging obstacles and pave the way for victory. Unleash the Rainbow Bubble's color-changing magic, harness the Lightning Bubble's piercing power, and detonate Bomb Bubbles to create explosive chain reactions.


Clear the Board:

Continue popping bubbles until the entire screen is clear, earning points for each successful match and progressing to the next level.


Challenge Yourself:

As you progress through the game, the levels become increasingly complex, requiring careful planning and skillful execution. Embrace the challenge, honing your puzzle-solving abilities and achieving mastery over the art of bubble-shooting.


Bubble Shooter Pro 2

* Casual Games

* Puzzle Games

* Bubble Shooter

* Bubble Pop

* Puzzle-Solving

* Match-Three

* Boosters

* Colorful Graphics

* Endless Levels

* Tournament Mode

* Global Community

* Addictive Gameplay

* Skill-Based Challenges

* Mind-Bending Entertainment

* Puzzle Mastery

* Casual Gaming Experience

* Family-Friendly Fun

* Time-Killing Delight

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SOFTGAMES – Mobile Entertainment Services GmbH


Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)


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