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Bone Breaker Tycoon

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Bone Breaker Tycoon is anonline, free games

Title: Experience the Thrill of Crowd-Dropping Madness with Crowd Killa


Welcome to the chaotic and exhilarating world of Crowd Killa, a game that takes the concept of "crowd simulation" to new heights of madness and mayhem. Prepare to unleash your inner daredevil and witness the pandemonium as you hurtle crowds of people off treacherous mountain peaks. Each bone-crunching fall, every scream of terror, and every spectacle of human catastrophe earns you hard cash - the currency of chaos in Crowd Killa.


- Embark on a mission to build your crowd from a humble duo, Jack and Jill, to a massive horde of up to 100 individuals.

- As you progress, unlock bigger and more challenging mountains, each featuring unique obstacles and environmental hazards.

- Customize your crowd to your liking - choose their colors, names, and even equip them with ridiculous outfits.

- Strategically drop your crowd off mountains to maximize carnage and earn maximum cash.

- Upgrade your insurance payouts to minimize financial losses when your crowd inevitably meets their doom.

Key Features:

Crowd Simulation Like Never Before:

Crowd Killa boasts an advanced crowd simulation engine that brings each individual in your horde to life. Witness their hilarious and unpredictable reactions as they tumble down mountainsides, colliding with obstacles and each other in a maelstrom of chaos.

Thrilling and Addictive Gameplay:

With each successful crowd drop, you'll earn cash that can be used to expand your crowd, upgrade insurance payouts, and unlock new and more challenging mountains. The gameplay loop is addictive and rewarding, keeping you engaged for hours on end.

Customization Galore:

Unleash your creativity and customize your crowd to your liking. Choose their colors, names, and even dress them up in outlandish costumes. Make your crowd truly unique and reflect your own personal style.

Physics-Based Havoc:

Crowd Killa's physics engine ensures that every drop is unique and unpredictable. Watch in awe as your crowd tumbles, collides, and bounces off obstacles, creating a spectacle of destruction that never gets old.

Multiple Levels and Challenges:

As you progress through Crowd Killa, you'll unlock new and increasingly challenging mountains. Each mountain presents a unique set of obstacles and hazards, forcing you to adapt your strategies and find new ways to inflict maximum damage upon your crowd.


Crowd simulation game

* Crowd dropping game

* Throw people off mountain game

* Money-making game

* Crowd customization game

* Physics-based game

* Hilarious game

* Addictive game

* Rewarding game

* Unlockable levels

* Challenging mountains

* Upgrades

* Customization

* Chaos

* Mayhem

* Destruction

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Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)


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