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Blocky Fantasy Battle Simulator

132023-2024HTML5Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Blocky Fantasy Battle Simulator is anonline, free games

Journey through the Epic Saga of Undead Legions and Unwavering Heroes in "Realm of the Forsaken: Dawn of the Necromancer"

In the mystical realm of Eldoria, a cataclysmic event has unfolded, shrouding the land in darkness. The malevolent Dragon Necromancer, a being of immense power and twisted ambition, has unleashed an army of unholy creatures upon the kingdom, threatening to extinguish the light of hope forever. As the realm teeters on the brink of annihilation, a beacon of defiance emerges, calling forth brave warriors and powerful allies to join the fight against this terrifying threat.

Welcome to "Realm of the Forsaken: Dawn of the Necromancer," an immersive strategy game that will transport you to a world of epic battles, heroic quests, and undying loyalty. Step into the shoes of a valiant commander, tasked with assembling a formidable army and leading them into fierce combat against the relentless forces of darkness. With each victory, you'll grow stronger, unlocking new units, devastating spells, and game-changing strategies that will shape the fate of the realm.

A Realm Under Siege:

Embark on a captivating journey through the diverse landscapes of Eldoria, encountering ancient forests, treacherous mountains, and bustling cities, each teeming with unique challenges and rewards.

Unleash Your Strategic Prowess:

Command a vast array of units, ranging from valiant knights and nimble archers to awe-inspiring dragons and mystical creatures. Deploy your forces wisely, adapting your tactics to counter the enemy's strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

Master the Art of Magic:

Cast powerful spells that can turn the tide of battle in an instant. Summon devastating meteor showers, heal your wounded troops, or bolster their defenses with protective enchantments.

Forge Unbreakable Alliances:

Seek out legendary heroes and form alliances with powerful factions to bolster your strength. Each ally brings unique abilities and bonuses to the battlefield, allowing you to customize your army and devise innovative strategies.

Conquer Epic Quests:

Embark on epic quests that will test your tactical prowess and reward you with valuable resources, powerful artifacts, and access to hidden realms. Discover the secrets of Eldoria and uncover the truth behind the Dragon Necromancer's sinister plot.

Challenge the Dragon Necromancer:

Face the ultimate test of your skills as you confront the Dragon Necromancer in a climactic showdown that will determine the fate of the realm. Unleash your full arsenal of spells, units, and abilities to defeat this formidable foe and restore peace to Eldoria.

How to Play "Realm of the Forsaken: Dawn of the Necromancer"


Assemble Your Army:

Begin by selecting units from a diverse roster, each with unique strengths and abilities. Create a balanced force that can adapt to any challenge.


Deploy Your Troops:

Place your units strategically on the battlefield, considering the terrain, enemy positions, and your overall tactics.


Command Your Forces:

During battle, issue commands to your units, directing their movements, attacks, and abilities. Adapt your strategy in real-time to outmaneuver your opponents.


Cast Devastating Spells:

Unleash powerful spells to support your troops, hinder the enemy, or inflict massive damage. Choose from a variety of spells, each with its unique effects.


Forge Alliances:

Seek out heroes and factions willing to join your cause. Each ally offers distinctive bonuses and abilities that can enhance your army's capabilities.


Embark on Epic Quests:

Accept quests that will take you across the realm, rewarding you with valuable resources, powerful artifacts, and access to hidden areas.


Confront the Dragon Necromancer:

As you progress through the game, you will eventually face the Dragon Necromancer in a climactic battle. Prepare your army, master your spells, and devise a cunning strategy to defeat this formidable foe.


Strategy game

* Role-playing game

* Epic battles

* Fantasy world

* Magic and spells

* Hero units

* Customizable armies

* Quest-based gameplay

* Character progression

* Resource management

* Tactical combat

* Real-time strategy

* Turn-based strategy

* Fantasy RPG

* Action RPG

* PC games

* Console games

* Mobile games

* Multiplayer games

* Online games

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Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

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