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Big Hunter Online

112023-2024HTML5Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Big Hunter Online is anonline, free games

Title: Embark on a Primal Hunting Adventure: Hunt the Gigantic Primeval Beasts of Yore

In a world scorched by an unrelenting drought, starvation grips the land. As the leader of a desperate tribe, you must take up the bow and embark on a perilous quest to hunt the colossal primeval beasts of a forgotten era. Your survival depends on your ability to master the art of the hunt and bring home sustenance for your people.

Welcome to Hunt: Primeval Gigantic Animals, an immersive hunting experience that transports you to a time when titanic creatures roamed the Earth. With stunning visuals, heart-pounding challenges, and a deep sense of progression, this game will ignite your inner hunter and leave you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

Key Features:

1. Hunt Majestic Primeval Beasts: Encounter a menagerie of awe-inspiring primeval animals, each with unique behaviors and traits. From towering mammoths and saber-toothed tigers to colossal rhinos and dire wolves, the creatures of Hunt: Primeval Gigantic Animals are a sight to behold.

2. Master the Art of Hunting: Learn the intricacies of hunting in a challenging and rewarding environment. Track your prey, study their patterns, and adapt your strategies to outwit and outmaneuver these magnificent beasts. Every hunt is a unique test of skill and determination.

3. Craft and Upgrade Your Weapons: As you progress through the game, you'll gain access to a diverse arsenal of weapons, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Craft and upgrade your tools to increase your chances of success, whether it's a sturdy bow for long-range precision or a sharp spear for close-quarters combat.

4. Explore a Vast and Diverse World: Journey through a variety of breathtaking environments, from lush forests and rolling plains to treacherous mountains and icy tundras. Each region offers its own unique challenges and rewards, as well as a host of hidden secrets and treasures waiting to be discovered.

5. Immerse Yourself in a Thrilling Story: Unravel a captivating tale of survival, courage, and the unbreakable bond between leader and tribe. Follow the journey of your character as they struggle against the elements, overcome adversity, and lead their people to prosperity in a harsh and unforgiving world.

How to Play:

1. Select Your Weapon: Choose from a variety of bows, spears, and other weapons, each with its own unique properties and playstyle.

2. Track Your Prey: Use your hunting instincts to locate and track your target. Observe their behavior, study their patterns, and anticipate their movements.

3. Aim and Shoot: When you're in range, take aim and release your arrow or spear. Carefully consider the distance, wind conditions, and your target's movement to ensure a successful hit.

4. Retrieve Your Kill: Once you've successfully taken down your prey, retrieve the carcass and bring it back to your village. Use the meat, hide, and other resources to feed your tribe and craft new items.

5. Upgrade Your Equipment: As you progress through the game, you'll earn money and resources that can be used to upgrade your weapons, armor, and other equipment. This will make you more effective in the hunt and allow you to tackle even more challenging prey.

6. Explore the World: Venture into a vast and diverse world filled with hidden treasures, secret locations, and new challenges. Discover ancient ruins, encounter other tribes, and unravel the mysteries of the land.


• Hunting Game

• Primeval Gigantic Animals

• Survival Game

• Open World Game

• Stunning Visuals

• Challenging Gameplay

• Deep Progression System

• Crafting and Upgrading

• Vast and Diverse World

• Captivating Story

• Realistic Hunting Experience

• Immersive Atmosphere

• Thrilling Encounters

• Unique Weapons and Equipment

• Dynamic Weather System

• Day/Night Cycle

• Hidden Secrets and Treasures

• Cross-Platform Multiplayer

• Online Leaderboards

• Achievements and Trophies

• Regular Content Updates

Release Date




Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

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