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Batty The Bat

62023-2024HTML5Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Batty The Bat is anonline, free games

Product Description:

Get ready to soar through the spooky skies and celebrate Halloween with the most bat-tastic flying adventure of all time: Batty! Embark on a thrilling journey of epic proportions as you control Batty, a mischievous bat, on his quest to collect every pumpkin in sight. With its unique game feel, simple and convenient controls, fun adventure story, and 24 hand-crafted levels, Batty is a captivating experience that will leave you spellbound from start to finish.

Key Features:

Fly with Finesse

: Master the art of bat flight with smooth and responsive controls that make navigating the skies an exhilarating experience. Batty's intuitive movement allows you to soar through the air with precision and agility, dodging obstacles, collecting pumpkins, and discovering hidden secrets.

Explore Enchanting Worlds

: Immerse yourself in 24 meticulously crafted levels, each brimming with unique challenges and charming environments. From moonlit forests to haunted castles, every level is a masterpiece of art and design, transporting you to a world of wonder and imagination.

Unravel a Spooky Story

: Uncover the secrets of Halloween as you progress through Batty's adventure. Along the way, encounter a cast of quirky and lovable characters, each with their own unique story to tell. Dive into the world of Batty and discover the true meaning of Halloween.

Pumpkins Galore

: Collect pumpkins, the lifeblood of Halloween, as you soar through the levels. These precious orbs are hidden in every nook and cranny, waiting to be discovered. Collect them all to unlock special surprises and enhance your bat-flying experience.

Celebrate the Halloween Spirit

: Batty is a love letter to the magic of Halloween. Every level is adorned with festive decorations, spooky surprises, and haunting melodies that capture the essence of this beloved holiday. Let Batty take you on a journey of laughter, frights, and unforgettable moments.

How to Play Batty:


Take Flight

: Simply touch and hold the screen to control Batty's flight. Guide him through the levels, avoiding obstacles and collecting pumpkins.


Master the Environment

: Each level presents unique challenges. Use your wits to navigate through narrow passages, dodge swinging pendulums, and soar past mischievous ghosts.


Collect Pumpkins

: Keep an eye out for hidden pumpkins scattered throughout the levels. Collect them all to unlock special surprises and enhance your bat-flying experience.


Uncover Secrets

: Some levels contain hidden secrets waiting to be discovered. Explore every corner and uncover these secrets to unlock bonus rewards and enhance your gameplay.


Complete the Adventure

: Progress through all 24 levels, overcoming challenges and collecting pumpkins along the way. Celebrate your victory as you reach the final level and unravel the grand finale of Batty's adventure.



* Halloween Adventure

* Flying Game

* 24 Hand-Crafted Levels

* Unique Game Feel

* Simple and Convenient Controls

* Fun Adventure Story

* Collect Pumpkins

* Discover Secrets

* Uncover the Halloween Spirit

* Enchanting Worlds

* Quirky Characters

* Spooky Surprises

* Haunting Melodies

* Bat-Flying Experience

* Captivating Gameplay

* Immersive Experience

* Thrilling Journey

* Unforgettable Moments

* Family-Friendly Game

* Casual Game

* Mobile Game

Release Date



Pavel Mishin


Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)


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