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Battle Area

92023-2024HTML5Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Battle Area is anonline, free games


Embark on an Interplanetary Journey: Eradicate Hostile Forces and Reclaim the Martian Mineral Mine in This Thrilling FPS Adventure

Game Overview:

In the uncharted depths of space, where the boundless frontier of Mars beckons, a fierce battle for control over a precious mineral mine ensues. The enemy has seized this critical asset, threatening to disrupt the delicate balance of power in the galaxy. As an elite soldier, you are tasked with embarking on a perilous mission to eliminate the enemy presence, reclaim the mine, and restore order to the cosmos.

Gameplay Experience:

- Immerse yourself in intense, first-person shooter combat, engaging in exhilarating firefights against cunning enemy forces.

- Strategically navigate through treacherous Martian landscapes, utilizing a variety of terrains and environments to gain tactical advantage.

- Equip yourself with an arsenal of high-tech weaponry, including energy rifles, plasma cannons, and devastating explosives, to decimate your foes.

- Adapt to dynamic combat situations, seamlessly switching between close-quarters encounters and long-range engagements.

- Experience the adrenaline rush of intense boss battles, testing your skills and strategic prowess against formidable enemies.

Storyline and Setting:

- Unravel a gripping narrative that takes you on a journey across Mars, uncovering the secrets behind the enemy's motives and their relentless pursuit of the mineral mine.

- Explore diverse Martian environments, from desolate canyons and barren wastelands to sprawling industrial complexes and hidden underground facilities.

- Encounter a cast of compelling characters, each with their own unique motivations and allegiances, as you forge alliances and unravel conspiracies.

Unparalleled FPS Action:

- Experience cutting-edge graphics and animations that bring the Martian landscapes and enemy encounters to life with stunning detail.

- Engage in smooth and responsive controls, ensuring precise aiming and fluid movement, allowing you to dominate the battlefield.

- Utilize advanced AI mechanics that adapt to your playstyle, creating challenging and unpredictable enemy encounters.

Distinct Features:

- Embark on a cooperative multiplayer campaign, joining forces with other players to conquer the Martian mineral mine and achieve victory together.

- Customize your soldier with a vast array of cosmetic options, creating a unique appearance that reflects your personal style.

- Unlock powerful upgrades and abilities as you progress, enhancing your combat capabilities and adapting to the evolving challenges of the Martian battlefield.

- Compete in global leaderboards, vying for supremacy among the ranks of elite soldiers and leaving your mark on the intergalactic stage.


1. 3D first person shooter

2. Mars

3. Mineral mine

4. Elite soldier

5. Enemy forces

6. Intense combat

7. Treacherous landscapes

8. High-tech weaponry

9. Dynamic combat situations

10. Boss battles

11. Gripping narrative

12. Diverse Martian environments

13. Compelling characters

14. Cooperative multiplayer campaign

15. Cosmetic customization

16. Powerful upgrades and abilities

17. Global leaderboards

18. Adrenaline rush

19. Cutting-edge graphics

20. Smooth and responsive controls

How to Play:

1. Choose your preferred difficulty level to match your skill and experience.

2. Select your preferred control scheme, whether it's keyboard and mouse or gamepad.

3. Familiarize yourself with the game's controls and mechanics through the in-game tutorial.

4. Embark on the single-player campaign, following the gripping storyline and completing missions to progress.

5. Engage in intense firefights, utilizing cover mechanics and strategic positioning to gain an advantage.

6. Collect various weapons and equipment to enhance your combat capabilities.

7. Upgrade your skills and abilities using the experience points gained from defeating enemies and completing objectives.

8. Team up with other players in the cooperative multiplayer campaign to tackle challenging missions together.

9. Customize your soldier's appearance and unlock new cosmetic items to stand out on the battlefield.

10. Compete in global leaderboards to showcase your skills and climb the ranks among the elite soldiers.

Release Date



SDV Imants Klava


Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)


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