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Annihilate is anonline, free games

Embark on a mind-bending journey in Annihilate, a revolutionary puzzle game that will challenge your intellect and provide hours of captivating entertainment. As you venture through this extraordinary game, you'll encounter a novel gameplay concept that will redefine your perception of puzzle games. Prepare to unravel mind-boggling challenges while immersing yourself in a universe teeming with unique obstacles and perplexing puzzles.

Annihilate transports you to an ethereal realm where atoms, the fundamental building blocks of matter, dance before your eyes in a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues. Dive into the vibrant gameplay, where your objective is to match pairs of atoms of the same color, unleashing a cascade of reactions that will enthrall and amaze. Sounds simple enough? Think again! As you progress through this cerebral odyssey, you'll encounter a gauntlet of obstacles designed to test your problem-solving prowess.

Navigate through mazes of intricate laser grids, where one wrong move could lead to atomic annihilation. Defy the gravitational pull of black holes, manipulating atoms around these celestial behemoths to achieve your goals. Encounter uranium 235, a volatile element that threatens to disrupt your progress with its explosive nature. But fear not, Annihilate equips you with an arsenal of power-ups and bonuses to aid you in your quest.

Unleash the power of the Atom Splitter to shatter clusters of atoms, creating strategic opportunities. Utilize the Time Stopper to freeze the atomic dance, granting you precious moments to plan your next move. Activate the Black Hole Bomb to create a gravitational singularity, drawing atoms together for devastating chain reactions.

Annihilate is a testament to the limitless possibilities of puzzle games. Its innovative gameplay mechanics, coupled with stunning visuals and an immersive soundtrack, create a truly unforgettable gaming experience. Engage your mind, put your strategic thinking to the test, and revel in the satisfaction of solving each intricate puzzle.

How to Play Annihilate:

1. Engage your cognitive prowess and embark on a journey through a realm of atoms, matching pairs of like-colored atoms to incite electrifying chain reactions.

2. Encounter an array of obstacles that will test your problem-solving abilities, including lasers that can vaporize atoms, black holes that exert their gravitational pull, and volatile uranium 235 that threatens to explode.

3. Utilize an arsenal of power-ups to enhance your strategic capabilities. Shatter clusters of atoms with the Atom Splitter, freeze time with the Time Stopper, and harness the gravitational forces of the Black Hole Bomb to create explosive chain reactions.

4. Ascend through progressively challenging levels, each designed to push the boundaries of your puzzle-solving prowess.

5. Immerse yourself in a vibrant and captivating visual world where atoms dance in a symphony of colors, accompanied by an enchanting soundtrack that complements the game's cerebral nature.

6. Compete against friends or strive for global dominance in the online leaderboards, showcasing your mastery of Annihilate's intricate puzzles.



* Puzzle game

* Match-three

* Obstacles

* Lasers

* Black holes

* Uranium 235

* Power-ups

* Atom Splitter

* Time Stopper

* Black Hole Bomb

* Challenging levels

* Vibrant visuals

* Enchanting soundtrack

* Online leaderboards

* Mind-bending

* Captivating

* Immersive

* Strategic

* Rewarding

* Satisfying

Release Date



SBC Games


Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)


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