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Accordion Solitaire

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Accordion Solitaire is anonline, free games

Come and challenge the Accordion if you consider yourself to be a highly skilled and lucky solitaire player This is a tough and unusual game which has a very low winning rate and your goal is to compress standard playing cards into one single pile When the game starts faceup cards will be dealt to the middle of the screen The remaining cards will be placed facedown to the stock pile at the bottom right corner If you click the stock pile a faceup card will be dealt to the immediate space on the right of the current faceup cards When a row has run out of space the next card will be dealt to the row below If the top cards of two piles are of the same suit or rank you can move a pile to another pile immediately to its left or separated to its left by two piles For example if the top cards on five piles are of spades of spades of diamonds of hearts and Q of clubs you can move the pile of of spades or the pile of of hearts to the top of the of spades When gaps appear after a move cards will move automatically to the left to fill the space Continue the process until the cards are all compressed into one pile Can you win against the odds and achieve the goal successfully

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Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

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