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Accordion Solitaire

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Accordion Solitaire is anonline, free games

Accordion: A Solitaire Challenge for the Astute and Fortunate

In the realm of solitaire card games, few stand as formidable and enigmatic as Accordion. This challenging and captivating game demands a keen eye, strategic thinking, and a touch of luck to emerge victorious. Accordion presents a unique and intriguing objective: compress a standard deck of playing cards into a single, cohesive pile. Are you up for the challenge?

Embark on a Solitaire Adventure Like No Other

As you begin your Accordion journey, face-up cards are dealt in the center of the screen, while the remaining cards form a facedown stock pile at the bottom right corner. With each click on the stock pile, a new face-up card emerges, ready to be strategically placed within the existing rows.

The game's mechanics introduce a compelling twist: when two piles share either the same suit or rank, you can merge them. This strategic move requires careful observation and planning, as you orchestrate a dance of card combinations and placements. However, there's a catch – piles can only be merged with the pile immediately to their left or separated by exactly two piles. This restriction adds a layer of complexity and elevates the challenge.

As you progress through the game, gaps may appear after a move, triggering an automatic shift of cards to the left, filling the empty spaces. This dynamic movement adds an element of fluidity and unpredictability, keeping you engaged and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the card layout.

Key Features that Set Accordion Apart


Unique Gameplay:

Accordion distinguishes itself with its unconventional objective and strategic merging mechanic, providing a refreshing and challenging solitaire experience.


High Difficulty Level:

With a notoriously low winning rate, Accordion caters to seasoned solitaire enthusiasts seeking a true test of their skills and strategic prowess.


Dynamic Card Movement:

The automatic shifting of cards after a move adds an element of dynamism, requiring players to adapt and strategize in real time.


Clean and Immersive Interface:

The game's interface is meticulously designed, featuring crisp graphics and intuitive controls, creating an immersive and visually pleasing experience.

Benefits and Rewards of Playing Accordion


Mental Agility:

Accordion sharpens your mental acuity, demanding focus, critical thinking, and strategic planning.


Improved Patience:

The game's challenging nature fosters patience and teaches the art of waiting for the right moment to make a move.


A Sense of Accomplishment:

Overcoming the odds and successfully compressing the cards into a single pile brings a profound sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

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How to Play Accordion:



Compress all the cards into a single pile.



* Deal face-up cards to the center of the screen.

* Place the remaining cards facedown in the stock pile.

* Click the stock pile to deal a face-up card to the right of the current cards.

* Merge piles with cards of the same suit or rank.

* Piles can only be merged with the pile immediately to their left or separated by exactly two piles.

* Gaps after a move trigger automatic card movement to the left.



* Successfully compress all cards into a single pile to win.

Release Date



Novel Games Limited


Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

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