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A day in the countryside

132023-2024HTML5Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

A day in the countryside is anonline, free games

Embark on a Hilarious Adventure as a Countryside Farmer in "The Fields of Mischief"

In the charming countryside, where tranquility usually reigns, "The Fields of Mischief" unfolds a side-splitting farming experience. Take up the mantle of a farmer yearning to cultivate your bountiful fields, but be prepared for the antics of some mischievous animals who have their own hilarious plans.

Key Features:

- Laugh-Out-Loud Humor: Experience an uproarious farming adventure filled with comical characters, quirky scenarios, and hilarious animal interactions that will keep you entertained for hours.

- Unpredictable Animal Antics: Prepare for the unexpected as mischievous animals wreak havoc on your farm. From mischievous rabbits nibbling on your crops to sly foxes outwitting your traps, no two farming days will ever be the same.

- Expansive and Customizable Farm: Design the farm of your dreams by constructing a variety of buildings, planting numerous crops, and raising adorable animals. Customize your farm with various decorations to make it truly unique.

- Engage in Lively Farming Activities: Sow seeds and tend to your crops, nurture adorable animals, and engage in various farming activities that bring the countryside to life. Experience the joy of harvesting your bountiful yields and turning them into delicious treats.

- Befriend Quirky Characters: Meet a cast of quirky and unforgettable characters, each with their own unique personalities and quirks. From the wise old farmer who shares his knowledge to the mischievous animals who play pranks on you, every interaction is an opportunity for laughter.

- Immersive Visuals and Vibrant Soundscapes: Step into a vibrant and colorful world brought to life by stunning visuals and enchanting soundscapes. The countryside comes alive with lush greenery, blooming flowers, and the cheerful chirping of birds.


- Hilarious Farming Simulator

- Funny Animal Antics

- Customized Farm Building

- Multiple Farming Activities

- Unforgettable Characters

- Captivating Storyline

- Immersive Visuals

- Vibrant Soundscapes

- Relaxing Gameplay

- Challenging Puzzles

- Strategic Farming

- Humorous Dialogue

- Quirky Characters

- Unpredictable Events

- Endless Replayability

- Suitable for All Ages

- Family-Friendly Fun

- Casual Farming Experience

- Unique Farming Simulator


1. Begin your farming journey by selecting your character and customizing your farm.

2. Sow seeds and nurture your crops, ensuring they receive adequate water and sunlight to thrive.

3. Raise adorable animals, providing them with food and shelter. Collect their produce, such as eggs and milk, to sell for profit.

4. Construct various buildings to enhance your farm, including barns for animals, silos for storage, and processing facilities to transform your yields into delicious treats.

5. Engage with quirky characters and take part in hilarious quests and challenges that add an extra layer of fun to your farming experience.

6. Upgrade your farm and expand your operations to become the most prosperous farmer in the countryside.

7. Trade your crops and animal products with neighboring towns to earn coins and acquire valuable resources for your farm.

8. Participate in festivals and events held throughout the year, offering unique rewards and opportunities to showcase your farming skills.

9. Customize your farm with a variety of decorations, creating a unique and personalized farming paradise.

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Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)


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