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Terraforma is an idle building game. Build and grow your land by placing blocks and buildings.
Plan your placements carefully to create your own world.
Each block generates points. Some blocks are affected by nearby tiles.
Buy cards, place blocks, and grow your world.

How to Play

How to Play Terraforma
To create a habitable planet by altering the atmosphere, ocean, and temperature.
1. Each player chooses a corporation.
2. Shuffle the cards and deal 7 cards to each player.
3. Place the Terraforming Committee card in the center of the table.
4. Shuffle the terraforming parameter tiles and place them face down.
1. Start Round: Draw 3 cards from the deck.
2. Play Cards: Play action cards that allow you to modify the atmosphere, ocean, or temperature.
3. Terraforming Committee: The player with the most action cards played on it has the option to resolve the committee card.
4. Check Parameters: After playing 4 cards, check to see if any parameter has been completed. If so, flip the corresponding tile and remove it from the game.
5. Pass the Parameters: The player with the most completed parameters becomes the new Standard.
6. End Round: Discard any cards you have over the hand limit.
The game ends when all parameters have been completed.
The player who contributed the most to the terraforming effort wins.
Special Rules:
Oxygen: Must be at least 14% to be habitable.
Water: Must be at least 60% to be habitable.
Temperature: Must be between -20 and 10 degrees to be habitable.
Colony: Allows you to earn additional points for completing specific parameters.
Greenery: Increases the score of completing ocean parameters.


Terraforma Features:
1. Colonize Mars and establish a sustainable human colony.
2. Build and manage colonies with domed habitats, farms, and industries.
3. Terraform the Martian atmosphere and climate to make it habitable.
4. Explore the vast Martian landscape and discover new resources.
5. Manage the oxygen, water, and energy resources of your colony.
6. Research new technologies to improve your colony's efficiency.
7. Solve complex challenges and confront unexpected events.
8. Immerse yourself in a realistic and scientifically accurate simulation.
9. Customize your gameplay with various game modes and settings.
10. Experience a captivating narrative that unfolds throughout your journey.
11. Join a global community of Terraformers and share your strategies.
12. Play solo or collaborate with friends to conquer the challenges of Mars.


  • Left-click = select card and place block
  • Drag right-click / drag middle-click = move camera view
  • QE / mouse wheel = zoom in / out
  • R = center the camera view


What are Tips and Tricks to play Terraforma game?

Tips and Tricks for Terraforma
Early Game:
Focus on unlocking basic techs to expand production.
Explore planets to uncover resource-rich zones.
Establish colonies on planets with favorable conditions.
Build mines and plantations to gather resources.
Mid Game:
Research advanced technologies for efficiency and resource management.
Establish infrastructure to connect colonies and optimize logistics.
Build power plants to ensure energy supply.
Upgrade colonies to increase their capacity and yield.
Late Game:
Invest in terraforming technologies to reshape planets, transforming them into habitable worlds.
Manage planetary conditions to maintain optimal temperatures and oxygen levels.
Explore and colonize other star systems to expand your reach.
Upgrade planetary defenses to protect against threats.
General Tips:
Check your resource production and consumption regularly to avoid shortages.
Plan ahead by researching technologies that support your long-term goals.
Take advantage of trade with other factions to fill resource gaps.
Engage in diplomacy and form alliances for mutual benefits.
Monitor your planetary stability to prevent uprisings or environmental disasters.

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