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Idle World Miner Tycoon


Idle World Miner Tycoon is an idle clicker game.
Your mission is to obliterate entire planets.
You will extract valuable resources in the game.
Enhance your pickaxe to delve deeper and uncover more precious ores.
You can smelt your findings to acquire diverse materials for superior shop upgrades.
Watch the quarry work for you during idle moments.
Unravel the mystery hidden at the planet's core.
Dive into a cosmic mining adventure!

How to Play

1. Start by opening the game and selecting a mine to work on.
2. Assign workers to the mine to start extracting resources.
3. Collect resources from the mine and store them in your warehouse.
4. Use the resources to build and upgrade buildings in your town.
5. Train new workers to increase your workforce and speed up resource collection.
6. Research new technologies to improve your mining efficiency and productivity.
7. Sell resources to other players through the market to earn coins.
8. Use coins to purchase upgrades for your mine, buildings, and workers.
9. Participate in events and tournaments to earn rewards and boost your progress.
10. Join or create a guild to team up with other players and work together to achieve goals.
11. Keep an eye on your resource levels and make sure you have enough to meet the demands of your town and workers.
12. Adjust your strategy as needed to optimize your resource production and income.
13. Be patient and persistent, as it takes time to build a successful mining empire.


1. Engaging and Habit-Forming Gameplay: Dive into a captivating world where you explore mines, discover rare artifacts, and amass valuable resources, making it difficult for players to put the game down.
2. Intuitive Controls: Simplified game mechanics and user-friendly controls make it easy for players to navigate and manage their mining operations smoothly, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gameplay experience.
3. Stunning Graphics and Visuals: High-quality graphics, vibrant colors, and detailed animations bring the game's world to life, immersing players in the enchanting mining environment.
4. Variety of Challenges and Levels: Immerse yourself in a diverse range of levels, each presenting unique obstacles and challenges. From colossal mines to hidden treasure troves, every level adds excitement and keeps players engaged.
5. In-Game Progression and Rewards: Enjoy a rewarding gameplay experience as you progress through the game. Unlock new mines, upgrade your tools, and discover rare items, satisfying players' sense of accomplishment.
6. Idle and Tycoon Elements: Combine the thrill of idle gaming with the strategy of a tycoon simulation. Manage your mines, assign workers, and make smart investment decisions to maximize your profits.
7. Regular Updates and Content Drops: Developers continually release new updates, introducing fresh content, features, and events. This keeps the game evolving and ensures players have a dynamic and ever-changing experience.
8. Active Community and Support: The game fosters a vibrant community of players who share tips, strategies, and experiences. This supportive environment adds to the overall enjoyment and longevity of the game.
9. Monetization and In-App Purchases: Monetization is carefully balanced to provide players with optional ways to enhance their gameplay experience without compromising the core game mechanics. This ensures a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.
10. Optimization for Search Engines: The game is designed and developed with search engine optimization in mind, increasing its chances of reaching a wider audience and ranking higher in search results.


Use the left mouse button to play the game.


What are Tips and Tricks to play Idle World Miner Tycoon game?

1. Enhance Your Efficiency: Prioritize upgrading your miners and their productivity to maximize profits.

2. Master the Daily Reward: Make it a routine to collect the daily bonus for an extra boost of resources.

3. Complete Quests: Tackle the various quests that pop up to earn rewards, gems, and new resources.

4. Sell Wisely: Keep an eye on market prices and sell your resources at the right moment for maximum profit.

5. Invest in Mines: Don't let your resources pile up; invest them in mines to boost your production capacity.

6. Tap the Booster: Use the Super Cash booster to multiply your earnings by 2x for a limited period.

7. Collect Gems Regularly: Gems are rare, so collect them whenever they appear to unlock special in-game items.

8. Expand Your Horizons: Unlock new mines and expand your mining empire to new locations.

9. Open Chests: Keep an eye out for chests containing valuable resources and rewards. Tap them to claim your prizes.

10. Join a Clan: Join a clan to collaborate with other players and gain access to clan missions for extra rewards.

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