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Rating : 8.8( 1686 votes) Developer : DAPALAB Category : Casual Platform : Browser ( mobile )

Idle Planet: Gym Tycoon


- Idle Planet: Gym Tycoon is a simulation game.
- Build a fitness empire on a small planet.
- Start with a modest gym.
- Expand by adding and upgrading equipment.
- Attract more visitors.
- Manage dozens of exercise machines and accessories.
- Meet your customers' needs.
- Grow your network.

How to Play

How to Play Idle Planet: Gym Tycoon
Getting Started:
Download and install the game on your device.
Start a new game and create a gym.
Gym Management:
Hire trainers to train your gym members.
Purchase equipment to improve your gym's facilities.
Set membership fees and adjust prices to maximize revenue.
Upgrade your gym to increase capacity and unlock new features.
Training Members:
Members will automatically train in your gym.
Train members to increase their strength, endurance, and agility.
Motivate members by providing rewards and bonuses.
Expanding Your Empire:
Build new gyms in different locations to expand your business.
Hire managers to oversee multiple gyms and automate tasks.
Invest in research and development to unlock new technologies and equipment.
Compete with rival gyms for members and revenue.
Overcome obstacles like natural disasters or equipment failures.
Adjust your strategies to adapt to changing market conditions.
Keep your gym clean and well-maintained to attract more members.
Offer a variety of training programs to cater to different interests.
Invest in advertising to promote your gym and reach potential customers.
Track your progress and make adjustments as needed to optimize your gym's performance.


Features of Idle Planet: Gym Tycoon
Build your own gym empire: Start with a small gym and grow it into a thriving fitness paradise.
Hire and train top-notch staff: Recruit expert trainers, nutritionists, and receptionists to support your clients.
Offer diverse fitness classes: Attract customers with a wide range of classes, including yoga, cardio, weightlifting, and more.
Customize your gym: Upgrade and personalize your gym with state-of-the-art equipment and stylish decor.
Research and develop new technologies: Unlock innovative training methods and equipment to enhance your members' experience.
Manage your finances wisely: Invest in upgrades, staff salaries, and marketing to maximize your profits.
Compete with other gyms: Join tournaments and leagues to show off your gym's prowess and earn rewards.
Unlock new locations: Expand your empire by opening new gyms in different cities and countries.
Hire celebrity trainers: Recruit famous fitness personalities to train your clients and boost your reputation.
Earn prestige and rewards: Achieve gym milestones and collect trophies to showcase your success as a gym tycoon.


  • Single mode = WASD / arrow keys / virtual joystick to move
  • Coop mode = WASD for Player 1 and arrow keys for Player 2 to move
  • Left mouse button = interact with the in-game UI


What are Tips and Tricks to play Idle Planet: Gym Tycoon game?

Tips and Tricks for Idle Planet: Gym Tycoon:
1. Upgrade your weightlifting equipment regularly to increase member progression.
2. Hire trainers to motivate members and accelerate their workout progress.
3. Research new exercises to unlock exclusive equipment and training methods.
4. Focus on attracting VIP members who provide higher income and prestige.
5. Join the Super Gym League to compete with other players and earn rewards.
6. Build additional rooms, such as the spa and sauna, to diversify your offerings.
7. Upgrade your gym's decorations to enhance the member experience.
8. Invest in marketing campaigns to attract new members and increase awareness.
9. Hire a personal assistant to manage daily gym operations and maximize efficiency.
10. Use bonus codes and redeem in-game rewards to enhance your gameplay.

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