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Hospital Simulator


Hospital Simulator is a management game.
You need to hire staff and help patients.
Your goal is to make sure the hospital runs smoothly.
There are many tasks you can do, such as diagnosing patients.
Send an ambulance, perform surgeries.
Use X rays to find foreign objects.
Your patients trust you, cure them with all your might.

How to Play

1. Start by setting up your hospital and hiring staff.

2. Purchase medical equipment and supplies.

3. Treat patients by diagnosing their illnesses and performing surgeries.

4. Manage the hospital's finances and ensure that it is profitable.

5. Research new medical technologies and treatments to stay ahead of the competition.

6. Build a strong reputation for your hospital by providing excellent patient care.

7. Expand your hospital to accommodate more patients and offer a wider range of services.

8. Hire and train new staff to keep up with the growing demand for your services.

9. Invest in marketing and advertising to attract new patients and grow your business.

10. Stay up-to-date on the latest healthcare trends and regulations to ensure that your hospital is compliant with all applicable laws.


1. Immersive Gameplay: Experience the daily life of a hospital administrator, making crucial decisions and managing various departments.
2. Realistic Hospital Environment: Explore a fully realized hospital with detailed rooms, equipment, and patients, creating an authentic simulation.
3. Medical Conditions and Treatments: Encounter a wide range of medical conditions and apply appropriate treatments, providing a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience.
4. Hospital Expansions and Upgrades: Grow your hospital by expanding departments, adding new facilities, and upgrading existing ones to improve patient care.
5. Staff Management: Hire, train, and manage a team of skilled medical professionals, each with their own specialties and expertise.
6. Research and Development: Invest in research to unlock new medical technologies and treatments, enhancing the capabilities of your hospital.
7. Financial Management: Balance the hospital's budget, manage expenses, and generate revenue to ensure its long-term sustainability.
8. Challenging Scenarios: Face dynamic scenarios that test your decision-making skills and ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
9. Patient Care and Satisfaction: Prioritize patient care and satisfaction by providing high-quality medical services and addressing their needs effectively.
10. Reputation Management: Build a strong reputation for your hospital by consistently delivering excellent care, attracting more patients and increasing revenue.


PC Controls

Use your mouse to play the game or use A / D to move to the left / right side.

Mobile Controls

Swipe or tap on the screen to play the game.


What are Tips and Tricks to play Hospital Simulator game?

1. Manage Your Time Wisely: Prioritize patients based on their health and needs, use shortcuts and optimize your route through the hospital.

2. Upgrade Your Equipment: Invest in better medical equipment to improve diagnosis and treatment, leading to faster recovery for patients.

3. Hire Skilled Staff: Recruit specialized doctors, nurses, and janitors to efficiently handle patient care, research, and hospital maintenance.

4. Research and Develop New Treatments: Uncover innovative treatments and cures for various diseases, enhancing your hospital's reputation and attracting more patients.

5. Expand and Renovate Your Hospital: Construct new wings, departments, and facilities to accommodate more patients and offer a wider range of medical services.

6. Maintain a Clean and Healthy Environment: Ensure proper hygiene and sanitation practices to prevent the spread of infections and diseases within the hospital.

7. Optimize Staff Schedules: Create efficient work shifts that ensure adequate staff coverage while minimizing overtime expenses.

8. Manage Hospital Finances: Keep a close eye on your budget, allocate funds wisely, and avoid unnecessary expenditures.

9. Conduct Regular Staff Trainings: Invest in ongoing education and training for your medical staff to keep them updated with the latest medical advancements.

10. Listen to Patient Feedback: Gather feedback from patients to identify areas for improvement and enhance overall patient satisfaction.

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