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Rating : 9.2( 153 votes) Developer : Finz Games Category : Action Platform : Browser ( desktop, tablet )

Gym Heros: Fighting Game


Embark on Gym Heroes, a captivating fighting game.
Experience boxing, karate, kung fu, and wrestling in fierce one-on-one battles.
Begin your journey as a novice, gradually mastering each martial art.
Manage your own gym, training fighters to become formidable contenders.
Engage in multiple modes and challenging mini-games.
Fight with skill and strategy to establish your legacy as a legendary warrior.

How to Play

How to Play Gym Heroes: Fighting Game
Movement: Arrow keys or WASD
Punch: X or Space
Kick: C or Ctrl
Special Move: V
1. Choose a character: Select one of the gym heroes from the character select screen.
2. Fight: Enter the arena and battle against your opponent.
3. Attack: Use the punch and kick buttons to attack your opponent.
4. Special Move: Press the V key to unleash a special move that deals more damage.
5. Block: Hold down the down arrow or S key to block incoming attacks.
6. Dodge: Press the up arrow or W key to dodge your opponent's attacks.
7. Win: Knock out your opponent by depleting their health bar before they deplete yours.
Use a combination of punches and kicks to keep your opponent off balance.
Time your special moves carefully for maximum damage.
Block and dodge attacks to avoid taking damage.
Move around the arena to avoid being cornered.
Practice against different opponents to improve your skills.


1. Engage in intense hand-to-hand combat with a diverse cast of fighters.
2. Master unique fighting styles and special abilities for each character.
3. Experience a deep and engaging single-player campaign mode.
4. Challenge friends or compete against other players in online multiplayer.
5. Immerse yourself in stunning 3D graphics and fluid animations.
6. Collect an array of power-ups, items, and equipment to enhance your fighter's abilities.
7. Hone your skills in various training modes and challenges.
8. Customize your fighter's appearance and fighting style to your liking.
9. Unlock new characters and stages as you progress through the game.
10. Experience epic boss battles and overcome formidable obstacles.


  • Use WASD to move your character
  • Use GHJY to attack
  • Use V for a combo attack
  • Use P to pause the game


What are Tips and Tricks to play Gym Heros: Fighting Game game?

Tips and Tricks for Gym Heroes: Fighting Game:
1. Master the Basic Controls: Familiarize yourself with the buttons for movement, attacks, blocking, and special moves.
2. Practice Combos: Experiment with different attack combinations to discover effective sequences and increase damage.
3. Use Environmental Hazards: Utilize obstacles and platforms to your advantage by launching enemies into them for extra damage.
4. Guard Strategically: Block incoming attacks to minimize damage, but avoid holding guard for too long.
5. Timing is Key: Time your attacks carefully to counter your opponent's moves and interrupt their combos.
6. Learn Each Character's Strengths: Understand the unique abilities and combos of each character to tailor your strategies accordingly.
7. Manage Your HP and SP: Conserve your health and special energy by attacking efficiently and avoiding unnecessary damage.
8. Don't Button Mash: Resist the temptation to randomly press buttons; instead, plan your attacks and use them strategically.
9. Study Your Opponents: Pay attention to their attack patterns and weaknesses to develop effective countermeasures.
10. Train in Practice Mode: Utilize the practice mode to hone your skills, experiment with combos, and improve your reaction time.

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