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Giant Sushi


Giant Sushi is a relaxing puzzle game.
Your goal is to merge sushi pieces.
Challenge yourself to combine sushi.
Climb the ranks to become a sushi master.
Enjoy the delightful and engaging gameplay.
Strategize and merge your way to victory.

How to Play

Giant Sushi Game
Jumbo rice shapes (made from foam, cardboard, or other materials)
Felt or fabric toppings (representing fish, vegetables, etc.)
Velcro strips (attached to the rice and toppings)
1. Spread the rice shapes on the floor.
2. Place the toppings in a pile nearby.
3. Divide players into teams.
4. Line up the teams behind their starting lines.
5. On the start signal, the first player from each team runs to the topping pile.
6. They choose a topping and run back to their team.
7. Using the Velcro strips, they attach the topping to the rice shape on the top of the stack.
8. The next player on each team takes a turn until the sushi is complete.
9. The team that finishes first and creates the most complete sushi wins.
To make it more challenging, create a variety of rice shapes and toppings.
Set a time limit for each round to add an element of speed.
Play with different teams or individuals to create friendly competition.


1. Challenge your friends to a fast-paced sushi-making competition.
2. Roll the dice to determine the sushi ingredients you need to collect.
3. Move your chopsticks around the conveyor belt to gather the necessary pieces.
4. Be the first player to complete three sushi sets.
5. Use special chopsticks to hold extra pieces or steal from your opponents.
6. Watch out for wasabi bombs that can slow you down.
7. Earn bonus points for completing sets with rare or exotic ingredients.
8. Strategize your moves to outmaneuver your opponents.
9. Enjoy the vibrant and colorful graphics that bring the sushi-making experience to life.
10. Customize your game with different conveyor belt speeds and rules.


Click and hold the left mouse button to aim and release to drop.


What are Tips and Tricks to play Giant Sushi game?

Giant Sushi Game Play Tips and Tricks:
1. Master the chopsticks: Practice balancing and grabbing items with the chopsticks.
2. Survey the board: Scan the playing field to identify valuable and strategic ingredients.
3. Build a solid foundation: Start by creating a stable base layer of rice.
4. Utilize the belt wisely: Time your belt movements to prevent ingredients from falling off.
5. Stack strategically: Place heavier ingredients on the bottom and lighter ones on top for balance.
6. Balance colors and flavors: Mix different ingredients to create aesthetically pleasing and high-scoring sushi.
7. Use the chopsticks to prop up ingredients: Prevent pieces from tumbling by using the chopsticks as supports.
8. Think ahead: Plan your moves to avoid blocking yourself in or creating gaps.
9. Don't pile too high: Keep your sushi stacks within a manageable height to prevent toppling.
10. Time your buzzer press: Hit the buzzer at the right moment to end the game with maximum points.

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