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Rating : 7.5( 160 votes) Developer : Kunigames Category : Clicker Platform : Browser ( mobile )



Fisquarium is an idle clicker game that's both fun and relaxing.
You click to earn fish, unlock more species, and upgrade your production.
As you progress, you'll discover new fish and collect trophies.
Fisquarium is perfect for casual players and avid clicker fans alike.

How to Play

1. Choose the suitable aquarium.
2. Click the coins to buy a pet fish.
3. Wait for the pet fish to produce eggs.
4. Merge the eggs to make a new fish.
5. Feed and evolve your fish to increase their value.
6. Careful not to overfeed your fish.
7. Sell your fish to earn coins.
8. Use coins to buy upgrades and new decorations.
9. Complete achievements to earn rewards.
10. Keep playing and discovering new things.


1. Immersive gameplay: Engage players with stunning 3D graphics, vibrant colors, and a realistic underwater environment.
2. Diverse fish collection: Offer a wide variety of fish species, each with unique characteristics, behaviors, and appearances.
3. Aquarium customization: Allow players to design and decorate their own aquariums using various ornaments, plants, and decorations.
4. Challenging missions: Keep players engaged with diverse and challenging missions, such as breeding specific fish species, collecting rare items, and completing timed challenges.
5. Social interaction: Incorporate social features like leaderboards, fish trading, and multiplayer modes to foster community engagement.
6. Regular updates: Keep the game fresh and exciting by introducing new fish species, decorations, missions, and events regularly.
7. Easy controls: Make the game accessible to a broad audience by implementing simple, intuitive controls that are easy to learn and use.
8. Cross-platform compatibility: Expand the player base by making the game available on multiple platforms, including mobile devices, PCs, and consoles.
9. Monetization options: Implement fair and balanced monetization strategies, such as in-app purchases for cosmetic items or premium currency, without hindering gameplay.
10. Player feedback: Actively listen to player feedback and incorporate their suggestions into future updates to improve the overall gaming experience.


  • Use the left mouse button to click the fish and start the fish production.
  • Use the mouse wheel up & down to select the upgrade


What are Tips and Tricks to play Fisquarium game?

1. Use daily bonuses and free gifts.
2. Feed your fish on time.
3. Collect fish food by tapping the floating items.
4. Complete daily tasks.
5. Use gems to speed up the process or buy new items.
6. Join a team for extra rewards.
7. Upgrade your aquarium to unlock new features.
8. Participate in events to earn exclusive rewards.
9. Share your aquarium with friends on social media.
10. Keep learning and improving your strategy.

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