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Rating : 6.5( 353 votes) Developer : Kornelijus Category : Casual Platform : Browser ( mobile )

Battle Typer


1. Battle Typer is a fun game to improve typing skills.
2. It offers an enjoyable experience for beginners and skilled typists.
3. The game combines entertainment and education.
4. It is perfect for those who want to type faster and better.
5. The levels are designed for beginners, ensuring a friendly start.
6. The user interface is easy to use and understand.
7. You can challenge friends and see who types faster.
8. Witness your words per minute reach new heights.
9. Battle Typer is an exciting and immersive typing adventure.
10. Type faster and better with Battle Typer.

How to Play

1. Choose a fun username that represents you.
2. Select a game mode that suits your skills and preferences, such as Standard, Freestyle, or Tournament.
3. In Standard mode, type words to fill in missing letters or complete phrases before your opponent.
4. In Freestyle mode, express your creativity by typing any words you want, but be aware that your opponent can see what you're typing.
5. In Tournament mode, compete against other players in a series of rounds to climb the ranks and earn rewards.
6. Use the keyboard shortcuts to quickly select common words and phrases, giving you an advantage in speed and accuracy.
7. Pay attention to the game timer and make quick decisions, as each round has a limited duration.
8. Earn points by filling in missing letters and completing phrases correctly, and by typing words that match the given category or theme.
9. Use power-ups and bonuses strategically to gain an edge over your opponent, such as the Word Bomb or the Double Points bonus.
10. Complete daily challenges and achievements to earn additional points and rewards, helping you progress faster in the game.


1. Real-time Multiplayer Battles: Players compete against each other in real-time, testing their typing speed and accuracy.
2. Level-based Progression: Players start from the beginner level and progress through various levels, unlocking new challenges and rewards.
3. Diverse Game Modes: The game offers various modes, such as Classic, Timed, and Survival, each with unique rules and objectives.
4. Skill-based Matchmaking: Players are matched with opponents of similar skill levels, ensuring fair and competitive battles.
5. Global Leaderboards: Players compete for the top spots on the global leaderboards, earning recognition and rewards.
6. Daily Challenges and Achievements: Players can complete daily challenges and earn achievements, which contribute to their overall progress and rewards.
7. Customizable Avatars and Profiles: Players can customize their avatars and profiles, creating a unique identity within the game.
8. Spectator Mode: Players can spectate ongoing battles, learn from experienced players, and improve their strategies.
9. In-Game Chat and Social Features: Players can interact with other players through in-game chat, forming friendships and building communities.
10. Regular Updates and Events: The game is updated regularly with new features, events, and challenges, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.


  • To play the game, use the keyboard to type the words displayed above the incoming enemy ships as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • As you type each word correctly, your ship will fire at the enemy ships, destroying them before they can reach your territory.
  • Once you start typing a word, you are locked on that word, and you must finish it, to move on to another one. However, if you make a mistake while typing a word enemies will fire at you and you will lose health points. You can pause the game by pressing Spacebar on your keyboard.
  • The game is also paused if you click outside the game window. As you progress through the game, the enemy ships will become bigger, have longer words and therefore will be more difficult to destroy.
  • The game ends when an enemy ship reaches the territory marked with buoys, or you lose all your health points. Your final score will be based on the number of enemy ships you destroyed. So, sharpen your typing skills and get ready to defend your territory in Battle Typer.


What are Tips and Tricks to play Battle Typer game?

1. Familiarize yourself with the game's mechanics. Understand how typing speed and accuracy affect your score.
2. Practice regularly to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Online typing tests can help you track your progress.
3. Develop muscle memory by practicing common word combinations and frequently used phrases.
4. Use all your fingers while typing instead of just a few. This will help you type faster and reduce fatigue.
5. Keep your eyes on the screen and focus on the words you're typing. Don't look at your fingers or the keyboard.
6. Take breaks when needed to avoid fatigue and maintain focus.
7. Use keyboard shortcuts to save time and improve efficiency.
8. Pay attention to the instructions and requirements of each level.
9. Utilize power-ups and bonuses to boost your score and performance.
10. Stay calm and concentrate on the game. Avoid getting frustrated or distracted.

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