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Rating : 9( 557 votes) Developer : Neko Category : Clicker Platform : Browser ( mobile )

Alchemy Merge Clicker


Alchemy Merge Clicker is a clicker game.
You will become a master alchemist.
Combine fire, water, earth, and air.
Tap to create basic elements.
Merge them to discover hundreds of unique combinations.
Utilize upgrades and the prestige system.
Enhance your alchemy.
Collect achievements.
Fill your collection with endless possibilities.
Embark on your alchemical journey today!

How to Play

1. Start a New Game: Choose New Game from the main menu.
2. Merge Elements: Drag and drop elements onto each other to combine them.
3. Create New Elements: Combining elements creates new items, such as water from hydrogen and oxygen.
4. Earn Coins: Selling items earns you coins.
5. Buy Upgrades: Use coins to purchase upgrades that increase your production and efficiency.
6. Claim Rewards: Collect rewards for completing achievements and unlocking new elements.
7. Increase Level: Your level increases as you merge and create elements.
8. Unlock New Items: Higher levels unlock new elements and upgrades to purchase.
9. Reset Game: If you want to start over, use the Reset Game button in the menu.
10. Enjoy the Game: Alchemy Merge Clicker is a fun and addictive game. Keep merging and creating to progress!


Features of Alchemy Merge Clicker Game:
1. Merge elements to create new ones.
2. Discover hundreds of elements to collect.
3. Automate merging process for faster progress.
4. Unlock new areas with unique elements.
5. Compete with friends for high scores.
6. Daily challenges provide rewards.
7. Simple and intuitive gameplay.
8. No time limits or energy restrictions.
9. Play offline without internet connection.
10. Constant updates with new content and features.


  • Use the left mouse button to interact with the in-game UI
  • Drag and drop the element by holding the left mouse button to merge with other elements


What are Tips and Tricks to play Alchemy Merge Clicker game?

Tips and Tricks for Alchemy Merge Clicker:
1. Combine elements: Merge similar elements to create new ones.
2. Unlock new elements: Discover new elements by merging existing ones.
3. Use the multiplier: Click the x2 icon to double your progress.
4. Upgrade your multiplier: Enhance your multiplier for faster progress.
5. Reset for a boost: If you're stuck, reset your progress to gain bonuses.
6. Join the community: Find other players online for support and tips.
7. Maximize your time: Keep the game running while AFK for passive progress.
8. Use the click button: Tap on the click button for a small boost.
9. Complete quests: Earn rewards by completing quests.
10. Experiment with different merges: Try different combinations to create new elements.

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